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List your relationships with Impulse, Mytho, Azula, and Chiaki. I'll respond with the following basic ratings for each character, along with any relevant additions/subtractions.

Gets Along With:
Finds Attractive:
Finds Interesting:
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I have a rare moment of free time, so random art meme here! Tell me something to draw and I will try to give you a not-so-cruddy doodle. If I ever mentioned offhandedly I'd draw something for you, that works too.

I'll only be horrible if you want me to.
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So I was operating on four hours sleep, the best time for ideas. When I thought to myself about how characters meet and forge relationships. Sometimes the meeting is formality, sometimes it's the start of awesome, or really embarrassing. Sometimes you forget you even met them and do introductions over again (sup Soka!).

I needed something to get me back into the random jumping others niche. Anyway, so I figured on a prompt. Give me one of your characters who hasn't met one of mine, and I'll write out a possible first meeting between them. Or if we totally forgot their first meeting and think it would be a funny revisitation. I'm easy like that.
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Okay, Bart is a speedster. And they have the most convoluted powers ever in life, the end. At their most powerful they could probably take on Superman, but at the same time have been written as being schooled by really...stupid villains who make colors solid. This is a double edged sword because it allows me a chance to have Impulse lose fights when the other player needs it, or win fights as determined by circumstances without being OOC.

Most fights don't have the benefit of player information relaying so I try to be circumspect about entering battles. Bart is expected to fight if someone is threatening others so there's no reason for him not to jump in unless the fight is staged for specific characters and/or it ends in death. Death is my OOC issue. Because death means emo and if people are expressly fighting for one of their characters to die it’s my job as a player to keep Impulse away from that and oblivious so he doesn’t have superhero guilt trip issues. Because he will feel bad if anybody dies and he can’t prevent it. Even if they reset immediately and are fine, this is just a hero hang-up that could never go away without damaging his character.

In short: Fighting Bart to win/lose is totally okay as long as it doesn’t cause him emo. He’s also welcome to fighting/sparring/training fun but won’t go out of his way to seek it unless there are mitigating circumstances.

That said, random tangential-relationship write ups go here:

Impulse's list of how he sees others when it comes to fighting )


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