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I love it when the creators I like agree with me )

In other news, Dan Didio probably called Mark Waid just to see if he could wring out some human suffering from him. That puppy kicker.
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Five years after completely butchering Impulse's character, DC manages to give me one page that I would consider retconning into my personal canon.

A scan that doesn't hurt my soul )

Of course the rest of Teen Titans #50 just made me even more bitter and sad. AUGH STOP [SPOILER]ING THEIR MEMORIES.
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Bart Allen, alias "Impulse," is one of the cult favorites from the DC comic universe. His involvement spans the Flash books, his self-titled run, inclusion in "Young Justice" and now is part of the reformed Teen Titans. Various characterizations of him have been "canon" for the different versions, but the major traits have been his naivete, his complete lack of an attention span, his blatant disregard for the rules of reality because he was raised in a VR world, and the fact that he is utterly adorable. This gives his player the excuse that good days will have Peter David and Mark Waid-esque humor, semi-funny will be Loeb or Dezago, and all failed jokes will be blamed on Geoff Johns.

Background in comics )
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Long puzzled essay on Bart and family, what real family means to him and how he perceives camp family dynamics.

Background and motivation )


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