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Rediscovers Poison Ivy, now with less itching
Tries to help Molly with the swamp muck and understanding everything
J'onn is here! Different universe but!

Is less than happy to realize they're back in the swamp and Ty Lee is unhelpful
Chats with Blue Rose about returning

Chats with Tesla about detectives
Spent the new year getting lost in Roxie's head (in the super gratuitous way)
Issue soup with Emily
Tea parties and Christmas presents with Setsuna
Catch up with Stephen Stills, making sure her pet bunny survived the vacation
Flood prevention with Wendy
Mourns the passing of farm!camp with Machika and the relationship she worked hard at with Roxie :'(
Then gets naked with Red Arrow and Emily
Patrol routes with Aveline
Truth post feelings explosion with Wendy, Vriska, Emily and Thor
Counseling with Atsumu

Vampire blood gets you high with Sophie-Anne
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This isn't a new resolution )
fasterthanthought: (Already moving)
Yeah, August was kind of magically busy and not there )
fasterthanthought: (Over your shoulder)
July? No I'm very honest... )
fasterthanthought: (Hanging on your every word)
Summertime, I wish you meant more )
fasterthanthought: (Neener neener)
Mayday mayday... )
fasterthanthought: (Exasperated)
Or at least feeling foolish )
fasterthanthought: ('m not crying)
Ha ha in like a sheepish lamb

And completely lacking balance! )
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January )
fasterthanthought: (Legionnaires love me...when drunk)
Despite a hiatus for finals, uh...

December )
fasterthanthought: ([adult] planning)
I am more organized about this than my own homework

November, aka Part III )
fasterthanthought: (love confuses me -by paper__star)
Watch the sharp decline in activity!

October )
fasterthanthought: (Earnest and eager)
Let's see how long I last before I give up on this organization...

September )
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