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Name:Bart Allen/"Impulse"
Birthdate:May 14
Location:Camp F--- You Die, United States of America
My name is Bart Allen, monster hunter from the planet Korbal. I spend each day destroying ten lightning beasts before the gods of thunder allow my advancement and I'm a rookie space pilot with the science police.

Okay, I'm from Keystone city and I'm fifteen. But only recently liberated from the planet Mercury...

Oh all right. I'm Bart Allen and I'm the grandson of the Flash, Barry Allen. I grew up in the thirtieth century and now I'm stuck here in this time in order to train to use my superspeed powers by the Zen Master of Speed, Max Mercury. He sent me to this Camp Fuck You Die full of zombies, talking crocodiles, and hormonal gorillas in order to teach me to learn from my mistakes because I apparently can't think things through. As if I'm going to regret it, this place sounds like fun.

[This is an rpg journal for [community profile] cfud and as such not real. No duh, huh? Player can be reached gaisce at gmail yadda yadda]

Interests (69):

arrowette, b-movies, barry allen, being inattentive, being the fastest, blue beetle, booster burger, booster gold, brainiac 5, breaking the fourth wall, buffy and kon, cabin 10, camp fuck you die, carol bucklen, creature commandos, empress, fighting ninjas, flash, gross-out, helen clairborne, high speed internet, immaturity, impatience, interfandom lovefests, iris west, jay garrick, jenni ognats, koko, kon's faux pas, lagoon boy, legion of superheroes, mark waid, max mercury, mike weringo, never becoming kid flash, not dan didio, not geoff johns, not peter david, not running into trees, obscure jokes, playing "avoid the undead", puns, ray, red tornado, revolving door death, robin, running fast, saving the world, secret, short attention spans, slobo, snapper carr, spandex, speed force, star-spangled kid, summer camp survival, superboy, superheroes, supervillain memos, the incredibles, the titans, todd dezago, vibrating through things, video games, wally west, wendy the werewolf stalker, wonder girl, young justice, zombies
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