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I love it when the creators I like agree with me )

In other news, Dan Didio probably called Mark Waid just to see if he could wring out some human suffering from him. That puppy kicker.
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Everybody who hasn't downloaded it go download it now. I know Jaime's tempted some new people to the comic-reading darkside.

And now that the real purpose of this post is finished, uh, I could try that essay meme thing too. Impulse, Mytho, Giles, Azula, Chiaki. My tl;dr is strong.
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I give these two thumbs up! )
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...why do I have six characters *sob* )
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Okay so I'm at my aunt's with internet but, y'know, holidays means I won't be around a lot. Anything you need me for I can be reached at e-mail! If you have a thread you want me to show up in link me and if you don't mind horrible waiting times I will pick up. Likewise I guess the Ozai Angels may have to backdate their battle with Santa or something. Sorry guys :(

And in case you need to know Xmas stuff and I cannot be summoned here's a rundown )

PS, everyone should go request something here o/
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Not important enough for a CFO post but I've got a lot of things I need to finish in a short amount of time. So I'm hiatusing fulltime for the GRE on Friday. And then partially for the scariest apps of them all, not counselors, but grad school. *sob sob* And they have the same deadline.

So I will be up in the air, but you can still likely reach me via e-mail, gchat, definitely if you leave a comment here. I'll be happy to tag-in to anything you think my characters need to see. ...I might sneak into the Avatar channel in IRC to discuss plotty Christmas things too, and not just be a capslocking dork. Really. I swear. Uh...

Meme thing

Nov. 28th, 2007 02:30 pm
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This will be made of so much fail.

I have a list of...five characters I currently play or have played, they are listed 1-10 in no particular order. Ask me questions using the numbers 1-10 and after I get a few questions I'll go through and answer them using the character listed to each number.

For Example! "What would happen if 7 kissed 3?" or "Death battle between 1, 3, and 10, who wins?"

You may make up as many questions as you like!

I am almost tempted to use the 1-10 and see if AU/fanon versions can make it in but that would be too scary. So there.

[CFUW 63]

Sep. 22nd, 2007 01:49 pm
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Psst! Hey Alec and, uh, Rikuplica? If you've got time we wanna talk to you!
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Euphie! I hope we're not bugging you but we kinda wanted to talk to someone and both me 'n Mytho are really hoping you're a sheep! Plus you played that game with the special roles and I think it got more complicated today.

Uh, hi? Hi Ben!

[CFUW 63]

Sep. 19th, 2007 06:34 pm
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...guess the one big thing we have in common is more important than we first thought.
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Five years after completely butchering Impulse's character, DC manages to give me one page that I would consider retconning into my personal canon.

A scan that doesn't hurt my soul )

Of course the rest of Teen Titans #50 just made me even more bitter and sad. AUGH STOP [SPOILER]ING THEIR MEMORIES.
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So today Giles was talking to Buffy about Lex Luthor and how to deal with him. It really sunk in how this niggling problem I've been having for the past few months with Impulse, which has gotten to the point where I feel like I have to say something because it's been affecting my play of him.

Read more )
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Hey Ash and Mr. Il Palazzo, I figured since you said before you didn't really get the names earlier maybe I could help you out! I've been reading up on all my comics, and if you're shy about asking questions I could help. Or we could debate who'd win the Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny!

Oh and there's the other stuff to talk to us about if you wanna.
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Brainy! I dunno if you checked your mail or anything but I got our message! It says:

"Team Excelsior!!1!


This is what would of happened if Excel and Hyatt went to America on 911. Will it change their lives?"

...I have no idea what that means. I don't think it's a clue, since clues are supposed to be more riddle-y or something. Or I could be missing stuff since the Riddler was kinda crazy about these things.
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Bart Allen, alias "Impulse," is one of the cult favorites from the DC comic universe. His involvement spans the Flash books, his self-titled run, inclusion in "Young Justice" and now is part of the reformed Teen Titans. Various characterizations of him have been "canon" for the different versions, but the major traits have been his naivete, his complete lack of an attention span, his blatant disregard for the rules of reality because he was raised in a VR world, and the fact that he is utterly adorable. This gives his player the excuse that good days will have Peter David and Mark Waid-esque humor, semi-funny will be Loeb or Dezago, and all failed jokes will be blamed on Geoff Johns.

Background in comics )
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The very long belated OOC roleplaying ticks write up )
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So I was operating on four hours sleep, the best time for ideas. When I thought to myself about how characters meet and forge relationships. Sometimes the meeting is formality, sometimes it's the start of awesome, or really embarrassing. Sometimes you forget you even met them and do introductions over again (sup Soka!).

I needed something to get me back into the random jumping others niche. Anyway, so I figured on a prompt. Give me one of your characters who hasn't met one of mine, and I'll write out a possible first meeting between them. Or if we totally forgot their first meeting and think it would be a funny revisitation. I'm easy like that.
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