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Counseling with T-Bone.
Counseling with Eddie Dean.
Speedster job opportunities with Brianna.
Embarrassing truths and sushi-phobias with Genta and Rick Grimes.

Fate talk with Thor.

([ profile] dear_mun) Azula vs Azula everybody loses.
Firebending and functionality with Ty Lee.
...magical unicorns, what Cat.

Ramona Flowers
Stephen Stills shows up! Chats with Eridan about it
Counseling assignments: doesn't even try to give counseling advice to Jesse St. James and Machika, maybe breaks a light sweat with Percy Jackson and teases Stephen Stills about being a responsible adult.
SCOTT PILGRIM ON TRIAL (long story: Eridan hit on Stephen Stills, Stephen Stills told other trolls his name was Scott Pilgrim to avoid creeper accusations, Terezi decides to punish "Scott Pilgrim" rinse, wash, repeat) asks what the hell is going on Terezi, Katou, Feferi, Scott and Mickey are unhelpful at explaining what's going on, Stephen Stills is a lying bitch. Bad timing since Ramona was going to ask Gracia Hughes about him staying in the dorms. Tries to distract Mizusawa from watching. Fallout with Roxie since she had been hiding Scott's existence in camp for six months, uh...
Counseling with Dairine, chats about ice cream with Roxas and vegetable sexuality with Dante.
Damage control with Roxie emphasis on damage.
Be concerned your boyfriend is counseling teenagers, this is what happens when you like Scott Pilgrim and attempting to counsel Vriska and Tavros.
PSA time with Stephen Stills and Machika.
Teasing Dante about counseling efficiency.
Pokemon with Jesse St. James
Spamming Dr. Dinosaur.
Boobie traps and gourmet dining with Niche.
Truth post and eventual relationship break down (as opposed to break up) with Roxie
Being responsible for deaths sucks, with Cara.
Computer name wrongness with Garrus.
Getting stuff from home, talks to Dante.
Embarrassing truths with
Stephen Stills and Percy Jackson.
Crossdresser's Ball. Mocking Pretty Princess Stephen Stills and Scott Pilgrim, hanging out with Mickey Mouse, Hino and Mizusawa, first impressions with Kyoko.


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