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A moooving dilemma with Barbara Gordon
Eggbaby babysitting talk with Tim Drake
Catching up with Neji

Counseling with John Constantine
Counseling with Yagiri Namie, mostly about Princess Tutu
Princess Tutu eats a poison apple right after the counseling session, prompting Fakir and Mytho to worry themselves sick

Counseling with Katsura and Elizabeth, it's mostly threats of violence
Counseling with Saitou Hajime, it's mostly about sword fighting
Counseling with Pam, it's mostly about vampires
Truth or cute fuzzy ears with Ty Lee, where Azula dodges everything with noncommittal answers to escape with dignity intact
Counseling with Vegeta, it's mostly Azula being a bitch
Crazy mommy issues with Zuko, this time Azula is the sane sibling!
Make...outs? with Brittany, Ty Lee and Thor
Stupid eggbaby parenting with Ty Lee
Eggbaby antics with Ty Lee

Giant dream post entry because that's canon with Roxie Richter, Jennifer Check, Ema Skye, Larsa, Rabi, Rain Jewlett, Senjyu Ren, Kurumu, Dante, Mikage, Zhores, Flapjack, Rika Furude, Yuta, Bowser, Acheron, Namine, Kairi, Orihara Maya, Katou Yue, Vincent, and the goddamn Mickey Mouse
Why is there a Canadian consulate with Teito and Keiichi
Bitching about her counseling assignment with the Noobspeaker, Kitchel, and Okamura Rin
Deadbeat angel shenanigans with Setsuna and Katou
Counseling attempt with Hanaori Kotoha that mostly involves oggling Ezio
Counseling Kio, spoilers: she fails at it
Civilized tea time with Roxie and Dante
Awkward socializing with Parker, which is totally Parker's fault
Revisiting nostalgia fail with Demyx
Second attempt at counseling with Kio, this one bringing out more success via Ramona's expertise at hitting stuff
Truth-or-cute-animal post with Roxie, which was destined to go horribly
Getting rid of antlers via the truth with Katou and +1 social link
The hammer is his...hammer with Thor
Jetpacks with Warren Peace, and counseling with Violet Baudelaire, mostly about how to run away from your problems
Trying to find a place to crash with Gracia Hughes and Knives Chau!!1!
Insomnia with Prussia
Oktoberfest! With Roxie and Rick O'Connell
Counseling with Yuuki, it gets surprisingly angsty
Role-modeling with Dante and X-23
Hammer carnival games with Shinya Maya
Eggbaby terror with Roxie
Dumb guys and addictions with Ginormica and Katou
Ice cream and decisions with Dairine and Setsuna
Art debates with Devit, Shuri, and more eggbaby antics with the evil ex
Relationship not-therapy with Judith

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