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All Azula threads are in the order as I think it makes the most sense for wtfery of Epic Plot Involvement. Bolded is just the full entry.

Confusing intros with Tiffany Blumdecker
Return of the old school slap-marriage remembers with Sasuke
Cabin 10 sorting! with Shinn, Yzak, Mary Marvel, Chuck and Banjou

The purpose of ducks with Tsukiumi and Ahiru
Suggests joke books cure boredom with Yuffie
Saving tiny dolls from a raven with 3 and 4

Mocking Jet's age with Mai
Greeting Bowser and discussing his troops.
Kicking out trick-or-treaters like Luffy
~Masque invites people to his manor. Is displeased to find Zuko there. Discussing the diverse guests with Lelouch. Talks about assigned seating with Bel. Remembers Masque's earlier appearance with Yuta.
Dinner. Displeasure at Zuko being there part two. Displeasure at Lelouch being there part two and telling him to stfu. Yukimura and introductions. Dinner host and trying to find a connection between Masque and the Director. WTF BRANDING
Returns to camp to try and hide her branding while Zuko nettles about safety, Mai demonstrates near concern, Ty Lee's questions are stonewalled, Kallen presses for an answer only to get at half-truths, and Brook's worry is shoved off.
Meets privately with Zuko to discuss survival in the game while away from prying eyes (First thread corresponds to first day, second thread to second day).
First day. Attempting to figure out Damian. Discussing the vote on her with Daisuke. Asks if Klavier has any established enemies.
The first ousting. Talks with Klavier and tries to coerce Masque into giving them information.
Second day. Hits Zuko for failing to vote. And questioned Soubi about how flexible the rules could be.
The second ousting. Debating the changes of votes with Fon. And pretty much calling Damian out on being a wolf.
Third day. Does not take being captured by Masque well at all
The third ousting. Where the rest of the players boycott the game, so Azula, Squalo, Klavier and Fon decide to piss Masque off before he kills them. Includes Azula insulting the pillow fort of the Varia.
Ousted/eaten meet-up where Azula tries to rein in the psychotic breakdown.
BIZ'S SPECIAL TEXT ADVENTURE HAPPENS, which includes Azula magically understanding chemistry and how flashlights work.
In the underground labs:
Loudspeaker saves Azula.
The next day, Damian shows up and Azula mocks the pantsless wonder with Yuffie, then Zuko shows up and Azula proceeds to go after him Southern Raiders style, at least until they're stuck in a locked room for a few hours and have to work together to get out.
Day three in the labs, discussion of how many arrive with Loudspeaker. Ritsuka and Yuta show up through a grate to an unwelcome reception. Azula talks to Daisuke about escape and baits the Loudspeaker into admitting the monster in the cafeteria is his mother. Then decides to make an escape attempt, trying to convince the Loudspeaker to help and dragging Fon along as she leads an attack on the cafeteria, where Azula leaves an exit for the monster to follow them outside. Leading to Stephen + monster-in-law vs. Masque while Azula and Fon look on.
Escape! First there is the awkward reunions with Kallen and Chuck and some hinting at plans with Belphegor. Then there's the awkward post-trauma fallout with Ty Lee
Days later, hesitant attempt to return to "normal" chitchat with Fon, Raven, and Mai
Warily testing out Gaang reactions by being a bitch to Toph and Aang

The Sam to Humphrey Boggart
Not at all intimidated by Needy


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